Don't call me Delilah

Mama should have had more sense than to name me Delilah Cooper. Naming me Cooper wasn't going to get them to acknowledge me; there's Coopers all over the place, and nobody's going to think a grubby moonshiner brat came from those Coopers. Delilah's even worse... what kind of mother names her own daughter for a Biblical betrayer? I don't know why she thought I'd be the downfall of anybody in that family -- when you're the mayor of New York's son, you can get away with pretty near anything. Puttin' some nobody backwoods girl in a family way is easy to hush up when your daddy owns the city. They ran her out of town on a rail (figures, what with the family businesses), and she had to move back down to Harpers Ferry. I think she had some notion of coming back one day with me in tow, bold as brass, to shame that Henry Cooper into claimin' me.

I don't know why they say that, anyway. Brass ain't bold. Sure, it's got good corrosion resistance and tensile strength, which is why we use it so much, but... well, nevermind. It wouldn't have worked, Mama's plan. They didn't know I'd inherited the Cooper spark, back then.

Mama passed on a couple years after I was born, leaving me to be raised by Grampa. Grampa was a cranky old coot, who ran a steam carriage repair shop in Harpers Ferry (and a still up in the hills near town.) Actually, Grampa fixed pretty near anything as had gears. I cut my teeth on an old pressure reducing valve; by age five I was passing my Grampa tools while he worked on the steam carriages. At fourteen I was running the repair shop, leaving Grampa to do most of the moonshining. He didn't want me too involved in that business. Besides, once you seen one valved reflux still, you seen 'em all; steam carriages were a sight finer to work on. The shop didn't make enough cash to live on, 'specially with a youngun like me craving any parts and mechanic books I could get my hands on.

I spent some of the best years of my life working that shop. Business was slow, but I had some folks comin' from nearby towns since what I fixed, stayed fixed. And I could tune a steam engine so it'd run smoother than you bought it. About the time I turned eighteen, I'd thrown together a powered glider out of piece parts left over from the steam carriages, plus whatever I could scrounge. She was my pride and joy, though flying her was a mite tricky. I couldn't get my hands on the parts for proper gyrostabilizers, so you had to eyeball the airfoil angles. Still, I was getting the hang of her, and having the time of my life.

Then the revenooers came.
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As my Mama would say..."Thank the Lord!"

Ah wasn't sure ah'd see the day! It's almost heah, boys and gels. Dragon*Con. Wherein we, the valorous crew of the notorious Schwartzhund shall sally forth to match wits with the unwashed masses for fame and glory and all the attention you need to make your little ole' hearts just as glad as glad can be!

Incidentally, ah'm sure y'all will be glad to know that I procured some items for y'all. A dear, lovely friend of mine by the name of Ricardo (roll your "R" honeybell, that's right...) has put together the cutest little bottles of breathable air. Ah thought they might come in handy if we were to have the misfortune to find ourselves bereft of lift for a temporary period. Y'all can all thank me later.

Bless your hearts, you sweet things. Ah'll see y'all in a few days. Bye-Bye!
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Finally off of my ass...

OK, I'm kind of in high gear for costuming right now so ya'll can also take this as a call to post here more. I mean, if I'm posting (mostly I'm a lurking kind of guy) then ya'll need to post.

First, answering Icaralee: I think we should be in character the whole time. For me that would be key as the real differentiator between my two outfits will be accessories and character. Clothing-wise both the Crewdog weapons tech and Krupp's outfits will be similar.

I've gotten the gist of the story line for the Crewdogs but I'd like some elaboration on the recruiting process / formation of the group. I thought this was written to this community but alas I was mistaken. I'll write myself in. I'm asking about others because I don't want to presume character personalities. I, for one, will not be entirely me. I definitely won't be me when walking around as Krupp. There's a sufficient amount of Krupp in me that the character will fit - especially when walking around with The Massive One (who is more than a little Vandemeer). TMO will need to suppress his need to be front man as Vandemeer however.

Crewdog persona: Mauricio de los Monteros - descendant of Tariq (for whom Gilbratar is named after - gibra al Tariq - Hill of Tariq)
Schooling: graduate from Oxford School of Specialized Mechanics, speciality: supersonic projectiles and personal defensive constructs.
Did graduate research with a secret weapons detachment in Puerto Rico.
Hates: ice cream, gente que me dicen hablar totalmente en ingles, and moving slowly
Loves: women from the US, women from Europe,  bourbon, women from Asia, gambling, loud noises, and  puertorriquenas
Fidgets with dangerous items when bored
People scare him easily and he usually reacts violently when scared - usually involves something that will probably vaporize the antagonist
Considers anything he can think of to be allowable in a fair fight (use of tools is what separates us from the animals - and certain injury)

Krupp is, well, Mr. Krupp.
Note to TMO: we really need cards printed.

Wish me luck on this: Ebay Patch
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Costume Ideas

Or, "Cribbing shamelessly from Girl Genius"...

So, the most recent comic of Girl Genius portrays the most incredibly awesome costume I think I've ever seen for Agatha Heterodyne. It's so damn tempting to just do an Agatha Heterodyne costume... if only I were blonde! (that is the ONLY time in my life I have ever said that.) I'm thinking there must be some way of modifying it for my zeppelin costume. I know our colors are likely to be a more martial black and silver, would that be sufficient or do we need more alterations?

Another problem with it is that effort required looks to be intense... I would have to start ASAP.

Link to the paper dolls of fantasticness
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Air Show

On backstory

I've been dabbling with the notion of character formation, but have been butting up against the question of current date and alternate timelines. Clearly events after the Industrial Revolution and War Between the States have unfolded differently. But when are we, and in what period of conflict is our ship (and crew) participating? I suppose we could let these questions be answered by default as we develop our characters, but it might be easier to have a general idea of the current geopolitical situation before I get too bogged down in where I grew up. (Note: it's probably going to be lower-class and Southern, since I ain't gonna fry my brain trying to speak with an accent I ain't earned.)

Opening Question


So, here's the first question for discussion:  When we are dressed up in all our steampunkish aviation glory, will we actually be acting in character as our people, or will we just be saying "Hello, I'm dressed as..." ?

Honestly, and I know this makes me uber-geeky, but I'm all for playing in character.  I think we've got a creative enough group here that we can come up with some real weirdos, and it would be fun to play that out for a day at D*C. 

So, there's my 2cents.  Comments?